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The Flipbook

Do you know what a Flipbook is? First of all, you have to know that we didn’t invent anything new, because this paperback book called flip or book of images is known in France since 1896. It is that book which when you are letting the pages to flip over very fast, it gives you the illusion of movement, or that it is telling a story.

This really fun animation is being realized live by the HTM PRODUCTION team! During the event, no matter if it is a class reunion, a team building, a small four or five persons group, a cocktail, a dinner, an anniversary or lunching of a new product, the Flipbook is the ideal communication support. This allows your guests to use a disguise and to play a role for 7 seconds. The participants are actually filming a video and thanks to a screen placed in front of them, they can see themselves while are jumping, kissing, laughing or dancing in a universe they have chosen before. All this is happening in front of a green background which allows afterward being mounted the images. Then, in less than a minute, the images are printed and the cover is being personalized with a logo, or a message, or different key words.

For sure, each guest will keep and will be proud with its flipbook. It will be kept at the office, at your home, and it will be shown to you family, to your friends and colleagues. Our production measure is almost 100 Flipbooks per hour. The material is easy to be transported; therefore we can show up anywhere in France. This is for private events and professional as well.