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Human logo

Why to realize a human logo? You can do it for bringing a stimulus in your team, for bringing closer the participants in a project, or maybe for bringing together the partners of a company in the day of its anniversary. In this case, the human logo is what you have to do.

HTM PRODUCTION is specialized in human logos. Stince 2003, many companies have faith in us. Using a phrase, an image, or the logo of your company, we are moving forward to represent it on the ground with the help of people. We are doing it after we have established the location and we have made the graphic design and the ground mark. We start to prepare the location hours before the picture, so at the hour of the picture, the people involved can come, take their place in the graphic and wait for the picture to be took. The photographer is realizing the photo according with the possibilities he has at that place, but we are looking especially for natural high places, like the highest floor of a building. When we don’t have such possibilities, we are using artificial ones, like a nacelle, a drone, a telescopic arm, a balloon or even a helicopter. We are trying to respect the natural constrains of the place we are taking the picture.

In these days, we try to evolve the human logo, meaning a larger implication of the humans, like after the photo shooting, we are asking the participants to start moving while they are being filmed. Thanks to the technique, we will mount a video clip with music. Our cameramen team and we can conceive a making off, making interviews or maybe a company contract us to realize 12 logos for its 50 years anniversary, both photo and video, which permits us to show our professionalism. We can move towards anywhere  in France.