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Instant photo badges

During the years, the communication is becoming an important instrument for maintaining a relationship, permitting you to send a message, an image, or for promoting something. More than ever, through this method, the company must motivate its partners. At this point we offer ”the immediate badge photo”, unique in France, a real communication support. The picture of the guests at your event will be transformed on the spot in a badge, offering also the possibility of adding a logo, or a date, or a message, making it an ideal communication support.

You will be surprised to see what a success these badges will have at your event, when all in the room will have one hanged to their shirt, pants or belts. The animation can be made in different methods, either by installing a photo studio where the guests will be photographed in an artistic manner or the photographer will move around the event taking random pictures. At the end, the guests can find badges with these random pictures.

In this way, each guest will leave with a badge, with a souvenir. The HTM PRODUCTION team is formed by a photographer and several technicians who are realizing the badges on the spot. Our badges have clips with a 360 degree turnover, so your outfit won’t be deteriorated. The animation of a badge will work extremely well during a teambuilding, gathering around people.