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The touch screen, photo camera and the Digital photo transfer

The touch screen, photo camera, but most of all, we like the digital photo transfer. A unique service in France and in close relation with the new technologies regarding the domestic tablets , HTM PRODUCTION is bringing you the best solutions regarding the communication and marketing.

A photo in a studio, a photo call, a photo ”seen from the sky”, a photo in a studio scenery or a photo taken on a green background,  are all animations from where you can choose what suits you the best. The participants disguised or not are being pictured by our professional photographers and the picture taken will be sent, thanks to the Wi-Fi system, to your mobile devices.

In this way, the client can do whatever he wants with the photo, he can print it, send it through sms or by e-mail, in an instant. The screen has everything you need, all the apps needed (still, you have to know that it depends on the internet connection, or the place the picture was taken). The screen has the possibility of being personalized with the colors and the logo of the client.

If you choose this animation in a public event, you can transform it easily in a marketing instrument, thanks to the integrated system of newsletter, on which you can choose to log in, or not. It is the same as the case in which you send the picture by sms or e-mail. You have to subscribe to the newsletter by giving your e-mail address and telephone number, so the organizer knows when and to whom to send regular information related to your products, for example. The touch screen Digital photo Transfer is becoming a communication instrument used at marketing promoting, as well as just for fun.