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Private events photographer

For an instant imagine the persons coming at your event, if it is an anniversary for which you want to surprise your guests with a souvenir, you definitely need a professional photographer. He will be present during the evening and if you only ask, we can offer you different animations proposal and the immediate printing of the photo.

You can ask for our services for a birth, a baptism ritual, a bar-mitsva, or other religious moments, in accordance with anyone’s believe. For this, Nicolas Droz has a large experience panel which goes beyond the artist.

In Paris he is asked both with his cameraman, for any ceremony from other cultures. Nicolas Droz has great skills in speaking  English  and therefore, the relation with any foreign client it is much easier.

He is asked with many occasions in the south regions, in private villas in Cannes or on yachts, for realizing the best souvenirs of the events, the photos.

By using the modern equipments and techniques, we can offer you solutions as the Digital Photo Transfer, a touchpad which allows your guests to select and transfer the photos of the event directly on their phone, through email, or they can print them on the spot.