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Wedding photographer

It is one of your most important days of your lives and that is why you need a photograph to accompany you all day long during the start of this new wonderful journey. Professional photographer Nicolas Droz is the person you are looking for, the one who knows how to take the perfect picture. Starting from the morning preparations, to the ceremony and entrance in the church, he will be next to you for capturing the best moments of the day.

The pictures will be made for the couple, with the family, organized, or random pictures, made for catching the perfect moment. Nicolas is available to come with you whether the wedding is taking place in Paris, the lover’s city, or in the middle of the country on a winegrowing domain, or in St Tropez, next to the beach. You may also enjoy colorful pictures, pictures black and white, sepia, or in a vintage style.

Therefore you have some options to choose from. One of them is a reportage Grand Prince which will allows you to create an album of 100 photos with the dimension of 18x26. Other option is to choose for a bigger size of the picture, of 30x45 and 40 photography cards with size of 10x15. This option will be made by the first hour of the morning. The option Millenium consists in two more albums with 25 pictures for the parents. Beside the options we have presented, you have to know that we are at your disposal with any modification would you like, because, in the end, the wedding is all yours.