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Event photographer

The event photographer of the HTM PRODUCTION team is a professional photographer, capable of adapting in any kind of situation.

The events universe is in a constant change. We are looking to be part of all kind of events, mostly to the regular and important ones, like the Cannes Festival, but we are present also to events like the opening of a professional saloon, at a company headquarters or at those places where anyone can organize a cocktail, a supper.

Thanks to our many animation possibilities, you now have a large palette of picture themes to choose from. We can also come for photo reportage in a company, as well as for a most exclusivist dinner. In our agency you can find lots of photo themes dedicated for organized events. You can choose a simple and yet well equipped studio with lighting kits, with the possibility of printing the picture on the spot, or an animation photo by using a green background for inserting a picture in another one. You can also choose the animation ”seen from the sky”, in which you will have your guests pictured with their heads up toward the sky. In the end, you can choose a badge photo printed on the spot or a flipbook, with all the animations wanted.

In this kind of events, you can also realize a human logo, by gathering all your guests and arrange them in the form of your company’s logo. We will make the best pictures from somewhere above.

We are sure that you will find among our offer the animation you want for your event and which will transform it in a success.