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Incrustation photo setup

HTM PRODUCTION is inviting you to choose pictures realized through different animation methods, like incrustation photo setup, a method which means that a person is integrated in another image by taking a picture on a green background. The most known usage of this form of animation is at TV and especially at the weather channel.  The person is being captured on a green background,  raising the question why green and not other color? Well, because this color is the lighter of the primary colors and it permits a better contrast.

We will install a photo studio with all the projectors needed and a green background in front of which the guests will be ready for the picture. Thanks to the animation possibility, the people can be integrated in an image chosen by them. In this way, you can suddenly become the most wanted star on a cover of a magazine, a movie star on a poster, or you can be taken in another place and time. In this way you can be in no time on a beach in Bahamas, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, an astronaut in space, next to a coral reef, at the Cannes festival and many other animation you would think of. This kind of animations can be an entertainment method for your guests. For your clients, or your partners, such an animation will guarantee you the success of your party.

The pictures will be printed on the spot, and you will have the option of using this picture as a communication method, by printing on it your company logo or a message.