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Photo reportage

The photo reportage is the most important element during an event. Even if you organize a seminar, a professional saloon or a conference where you gather around professionals from a certain domain, a team building with your partners, or you launch a new product, you will certainly need a professional photographer. These pictures have the role of improving the communication inside your organization, whether they appear in an internal journal, on your website or in the press.

By using a highly performance digital equipment, the photographer knows how to see even the smallest detail in the surroundings, so he can make the best picture of your guests in the places they have chosen for a picture. With our presence there, all your guests can be assured that all the key moments of your event will be pictured. The technique option allows the photographer to use the best light, and to realize a photo even in extreme conditions. The panoramic pictures will show the importance of the event and also the general social atmosphere.

Nicolas Droz is used to travell with his clients, being so far in many countries, like China, Qatar, in French Guiana. He traveled in many conditions of transportation and different climate. When he is asked for, he must organize its team and the logistics in accordance with the necessity of the event. His main office is in Paris and in South East of France and he is moving constantly at Côte d'azur, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, etc. All over France he is called to take pictures, and he is accompanied by the photographers he choses and who are part of his team.

All the photos made for you are confidential and they won’t be used afterthat in other purposes withouth your authorisation. All our photos can be used freely in your organisation.

We can upload the photos of our reportages on our pictures library, secured with a password, so they can be downloaded or uploaded later on.