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Video reportage

HTM Production gives you the opportunity of choosing one of the best cameramen teams for realizing your video setup.

This is the eye capturing the movement, which sees everything, is looking for the best angle and starts filming each moment. Even if it’s a close-up or a panoramic view, the camera puts all around in motion. It doesn’t matter if you want to realize an institutional movie, or movies for different events, or you need a video reportage for your company’s presentation. The cameraman can record an interview, he can participate at a street interview; he can also realize a corporate movie or a making off. At the beginning of the movies made by our professional team, with high tech equipments, the work is done after logging, mounting and web encoding on dvd or blue ray. The cameraman realize all the links of the video, the presentation of the characters, the subtitle, the voice-over and the music free of charges from our library.  You can also choose to personalize the dvd/blue ray, as well as the case covers.

We can offer you different versions of videos, like 1-3 minutes long videos with high dynamism, or long videos covering plenty of the wanted details. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a video realized and mount there, on the spot, for your launching or the closure of your event.

Our team is available for moving all around France and across borders.