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“Seen from the sky” photos

With your eyes looking up in the sky above, you will give to the picture a different dynamic and the impression of being in a hallucinate picture.  For this to happen, you have to choose the animation”seen from the sky”.

Your guests will have to stay under a dome or a bridge while the picture is being taken. On the ceiling of this dome, we will install a photo camera with a remote control option. Thanks to a screen connected to the photo camera, your guests can see themselves and they can choose the perfect position before the button will be pressed.

Everyone must free their minds and let their imagination to run wild while choosing the position for this picture. For a teambuilding, this kind of group photo shootings are just perfect. You can also organize a photo contest by using this kind of photo shooting.

Moving forward on the same concept of immediate photography, our team will print the picture on the spot, giving you the chance of walking away with an excellent souvenir.

This method can also be used in marketing communication by adding a message, your company logo, a name, etc.