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Photography studio and photographers at Cannes

We have chosen to settle in Riviera, Cannes, a mythical town, the town of the seventh art, with its Palace of Festivals, a town which is expecting you with so many activities and possibilities. Each year, the Film Festival is performed, as well as many other interesting activities as Mipim, Miden and its international congresses.

The presence of the HTM PRODUCTION is necessary, for you to be able to remain with such a beautiful memory as a photography or a video. Even if it is a news interview during a cocktail at your client, or a partnership dinner or even an evening event, we are there. Places with lots of people, markets for example, are giving us the perfect inspiration for creating a photo shooting from where the result is an effective animated picture.

Thanks to our mobile studio, HTM PRODUCTION can move easily, it can install its equipments in an ephemeral way; it can mount all in a second, whether it is the background, the lights, and during a heartbeat, the photo shooting it’s done. The passion from where our business appeared can be found in any photography. When it comes about courses, seminars or different business meetings, our job is to respond to the needs of the client, for which he contracted us, even if this sometimes means to move aside the artistic photography. Our only and most important motivation is to see the client satisfied and pleased.

HTM PRODUCTION was selected for the Palace of Festivals as an official partner for its professionalism and its unique performance during the events.