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Photography studio and photographers at Monaco

HTM PRODUCTION has the best capacity of moving with many types of equipment for recreating the ambiance of a photo studio,  the time of a Gala night, at Monaco, or for getting the photos in a ”Cinema Light” style. We create a place dedicated to photo call, a principle which means that the persons in the pictures appear in front of a background with the logo of the event. The possibility of obtaining immediate impressions will bring to that moment more pleasure and by giving to the guests the souvenir, will give them also one of the most gorgeous moments in the Monaco. 

If you organize an event on a yacht, like a company anniversary or the launching of a new product, we are beside you for transforming each moment in pictures, a truly remarkable memoires of the event. We can also present the pictures live during the cocktail moment or during the supper.

By calling HTM PRODUCTION to your event you will be assured that a professional photographer is always there to perform at its best, by using the latest pieces of technology. The photographer knows to listen for your needs; he knows to be right there where he is needed, and all this thanks to his knowledge, his experience, his dynamism and his punctuality.

No matter the reason of organizing the event, but of course in a well known location, you always have to choose the best team and to organize the logistics. More than that you have to have a visual memory of the entire event and therefore, so, you have to call a professional photographer.