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Photography studio and photographers at Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez, it’s unthinkable this town without photographers in it. This hydropathical resort on Côte d'Azur, chosen for organising your event, is maintaining in this way the mith regarding the most perfect place to spend your summer, with its beaches, its yachts and a landscape which provides some of the best photos in the world.

In this manner, the professionals photographers form HTM PRODUCTION will be there for making your evening wonderful. By creating a magical animation and by installing a photo studio for making pictures to your guests, we will give you in the end unforgettable souvenirs, like a postal card having the sea as background. We can give you a portrait of you in the colors of Provence, but also, if you want to, like a movie star, creating a black and with picture, a little piece of art.

The streets of St Tropez are perfect for a certain lifestyle, and a photography made in one of the most popular styles from today, vintage, will make you think that you are back in the St Tropez of the ’70 s . No matter if you are a company or individual client, you can use our services with confidence, for a longer period of time. We have developed and lived in the last 10 years in different places in Paris, Cannes, St Tropez or Nice, and we can say that Côte d'Azur brought us many clients and offered us new business opportunities. Our professionalism and our good services made the difference since 2003.